We found a box of these bumper stickers from the '84 Nobody for President campaign. Own a piece of election history!


Wavy Gravy nominated Nobody for president at the "Yippie National Convention" outside the Republican National Convention in Kansas City in 1976.  It was the second time the Hog Farm had nominated a candidate for the Presidency, following the nomination of the hog, Pigasus, eight years prior. Pigasus is featured in the Hog Farm book. She was the first female black and white candidate for that high high office.


The Hog Farm ran nobody for president in '76, '80 and '84. The campaign's slogans included "Nobody's perfect", "Nobody should have that much power,"  "Nobody cares," "Nobody lowers your taxes," and "Nobody bakes apple pie better than mom."


Having less than nobody in the office for the past four years, the Hog Farm definitely condones having someone in office! To our delight and relief, we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris now in office.



Nobody for President '84 Bumper Sticker

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